Our College

It's important to find a college that's the right fit. It's not just a matter of finding one that offers the degree program you're after. It's also important to find one with an approach and vision that matches your interests and career goals. We inspire our students to challenge the norm, to think, argue and act with the intent of securing a sustainable future for all. In short, we encourage people to become enlightened global citizens. When you graduate from SETGOI you will have gained more than just a degree, you will also graduate with characteristics that will equip you to play your part in the world. SETGOI's curriculum fosters a global perspective in all students and provides a variety of experiences that enrich college life - including opportunities to study and work abroad.

Study Objective

The goal of this Institute is to impart knowledge to the students to the fullest. Knowledge to us, basically does not mean only theoretical or book oriented, it’s something different. Knowledge should be such that the student may apply that in practical life. Students from SETGOI have started innovating and designing such a product which would help economy to curb down misuse / wastage / or pilferage of diesel. It’s called “The Diesel Measuring Device or DMD”. It has already been designed and approved by a Government organization. Such an enterprising product has already been accepted by different transporting companies and agencies. Thus, SETGOI students are earning from the 2nd year of their studies itself. The students here can gain rich academic and professional experience as well. We thus, give assurance for encouraging industry-academia interface among the students of our college.

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