Hostel Facilities

SETGOI's concern for the well-being of students is amply reflected in its arrangement for a holistic campus life. The infrastructure, conducive to academic and co-curricular pursuits, has a support system that caters to every need of the students. Keeping in mind the compulsion of outstation students and the eagerness of all those who are reluctant to commute to and fro, the institution has separate hostels for boys and girls on campus. Designed aesthetically, all hostels have been built to ensure a comfortable stay with air and light aplenty. The pastoral surroundings give the campus, especially the hostels, an ideal ambience to lead a life of health and to help the students concentrate on their studies.

Equipped with broadband Internet facilities, the hostel rooms are quite spacious to ensure hassle-free accommodation and to ward off claustrophobia. Moreover, to give the boarders a homely feeling and a breathing space only a specified number of students are accommodated in each room. All these help the students to spend their hostel life in harmony with themselves and those around them.

SETGOI hostels are not only safe and comfortable but also cheap given the spiraling trend in house rent in and around Durgapur.

The food stuff served at the hostels has been acclaimed to be of a very high standard. Special food items are served on special occasions and a grand feast is arranged at the end of every month. Meticulous care is taken towards sanitary requirement and cleanliness of the hostels and their surroundings. Hygiene is of paramount importance here and is maintained in right earnest.

The hostels have indoor sports facilities including table tennis, carom, volley balls, badminton and multi-gym while the common rooms are provided with Cable connection. All these arrangements are reviewed from time to time to see that the facilities provided for the health and recreation of the boarders match up to high standards. In-campus shopping facilities, cafeterias and communication centers with STD/ISD and FAX services operating round the clock cater to the students' personal requirements.